Best Online Side Hustles for a Math Teacher, Innovate or Follow Trends?


Feb 25, 2024
Hello friends, I hope everyone is doing well

I am a data scientist with one year of experience, and next year I will be transitioning to a junior mathematics professor position at a university. I chose to switch to teaching because it offers more free time, which I can invest online to generate additional income.

I am seeking your advice on which online domain to pursue. Should I follow the trend and enter popular domains like e-commerce and trading (not reinventing the wheel), or should I leverage my expertise in mathematics and related fields like blockchain and data science, along with my role as a teacher, to build an online business from scratch? I guess like online teaching services, freelancing, or even a new idea..

If you have any suggestions or business ideas in the mathematics or teaching field, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all for your support!
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