Best Movies for Internet Marketers

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    Hey BHWers,

    Let's make a thread for the best Movies for Internet Marketers, I'm sure we can do a pretty good list.

    In order to be more organized, here are the rules.

    1. Only give movies that are the "entrepreneur" kind - motivation, ideas, innovation, etc. Movies that can actually teach you a lesson in your IM career.
    2. Only give 1 movie per post
    3. If you already know the movie somebody else is suggesting, just THANK his/her post, so that others can see that the movie is worth it.
    (This will also prevent the same movie popping up 10 times)
    4. If possible, give a short review, without spoilers, about the movie.
    5. Cut the spam

    Let me start the whole thing

    Title: Peaceful Warrior (2006)

    Short review: The movie is teaching us that the only thing that matters is the current moment. We have to stop living in the past or in the future, and live RIGHT NOW.

    It also teaches us that the single most important thing is the journey, and the joy from it. We usually pursuit the money, the fame or the end-goal, believing that it will bring us joy and happiness, but the real joy is from the journey itself, and doing what we love to do.

    Great movie, even better book. Highly recommended :)
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    The Wolf of Wall Street.

    Watch it. Hard to explain.
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    Old gold - The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    A truly inspirational movie about poor salesman(Will Smith), his financial/family problems and journey toward his dream.
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    Wolf of Wall Street^ as pornguy mentioned

    The biggest thing I picked up from this movie is tonality, and the art of persuasion.
    Jordan Belfort has an entire video training series on youtube that I would highly recommend to anyone on this forum.

    For my recommendation, "Pursuit of Happiness"
    This movie is a great example of what it really takes a man/woman to be successful. When their is no land in sight, your broke, starving....Never give up no matter what and I promise you will achieve your dreams! (I know that tells you nothing about the movie sorry you must see for yourself :p)
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    I suggest you this

    The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest

    Short review:Andy, a successful marketing guy quits his job, because he feels disconnected with the values about work he learned from his father. He gets a new job at a top notch research facility, where he quickly makes a powerful enemy who makes him volunteer for a nearly impossible project: The $99 Personal Computer. He recruits the only available guys at the lab, three sociopaths. Together they really compile a revolutionary PC for $99, but then they become the victims of a venture capitalist and Andy's old foe from the research lab. Can he and his new friends find a way to overcome the problems?
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    I love this movie... Sex everywhere! :bigeyes2:

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    For some reason I find most movies about trading very inspiring, even though they have nothing to do with IM. Wolf of Wall Street is a great one, together with old gems such as Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps, Boiler Room, Rogue Trader, Enron, and Margin Call.
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    "The social network" ? :)
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