BEST Method to Rank the WEBSITE on Google 1st page ?


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Jun 30, 2013
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Anyone know...any successful method or provider to rank my website for these keywords?

Buy facebook likes
Buy twitter followers
Buy instagram followers

Gratefully accept your advices

& Let's discuss the Best methods available to drive potential buyers

Thank you
Try to create tier 1 quality + tier 2 links and buy some PBN's is good.
You are allegedly the number one traffic provider and you don't even know how to drive organic traffic to your own websites????

Big difference between what he wants now and what he is delivering to buyers here. And i am sure you know what is the difference :cool:
The best method for the OP would be to start with less SEO-competitive keywords. "Buy facebook likes" (for example) returns 25.3 million results on a phrase search, and the #1 position is a site with over 4000 referring backlinks. Check kw variations on the term that aren't as challenging to rank for.
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