Best method for passive income?

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Jan 3, 2014
Hi everyone, I just started browsing this site a couple of days ago, and have tried a few things so far.
Anyway, I plan on moving out from my parents' house when I turn 18 (11 months), but I've just found out that I won't have enough income from the state to pay for both rent and food, so I was thinking I could supplement it with some IM-income. However with school, I won't have much time, so I was looking for something that would be (mostly) passive income. I think $500-1,000/month will be more than enough, and I've got 11 months and around $100 to start out with. Will this be possible?

Thanks in advance
For "passive" income with a $100 available to invest, I'd purchase a few domain names with hosting and build a few affiliate sites on CB (ClickBank) products. You can purchase three domain names for about $30 and get a Deluxe hosting plan for somewhere around $10 per month so for $40 you can have three sites up. Then, install WordPress (free) and then build your sites. So, your only on going cost will be $10 per month for hosting and all you'd need to do is make 1 sale per month from just one site and your monthly expense to run the sites will be covered.

Then, take the remainder of your available funds and invest it into some cheap SEO services here on BHW or if you know what good services to look for then search for some SEO & Link Building services on Fiverr and try to rank for your targeted keywords.

Good luck and I wish you success! :)

I suggest creating an affiliate review website. Find a popular niche, eg: Selling Lawn Mowers.

Next create a review website that "reviews" the top lawn mowers. Review 3-4 products and setup separate review pages for them. Make sure these are products that have an affiliate network so that you can actually sell these. Your homepage will talk about the top 3-4 products with information related to them and link to their respective review pages (So now you've got around 4-5 pages)

Next create a Contact, About, Privacy and a Blog page (For updating it with content, at least twice per month)

Once that's done, start building links to all your review pages, your homepage and to some of your blog posts.

If your competition isn't TOO crazy. (Which is what you'll need to look out for) you should receive some substantial income within a few months if the traffic is good and the SEO is right.

If this interests you, you can see the Journey that I started doing to see how I set it out and what plugins I used here: however I never finished documenting this Journey that site I used did actually turn out pretty well.

Cheers. Best of luck.
Can't believe that everyone thinks IM is an easy 500-1000 bucks a month ... If you are just after some side-income you are most of the time better off flipping burgers somewhere a day or two a week.

I'm not dissing IM -- just pointing out that a lot of people are underestimating how difficult it can be to make a steady income. Making 1000$ a month online isn't too hard -- you can just spam your aff. link anywhere ... But that takes time ... It will be like an actual job. In the same way managing and renting out property will be a job, and not passive income (unless you hire people to do the shit for you).

A steady passive income will require quite some work, especially if you're not investing any capital.

For reference, making 1000$ passive income a month in the stock market will require a $USD 150 k, if you're calculating 8% roc p.a. Someone, including myself, makes more in stocks, but ... it isn't passive anymore, as it requires planning; research; execution and active trading.

In IM, it will also take some time to absorb the concepts, select a method and figure out what you are doing, and then some trial and error.

Not trying to be a dick, just giving you a heads-up on what you're dealing with ...

The forum here is full of helpful people and great info -- so you're at the right place.

Best of luck, it can be slow in the beginning, but never give up!
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What you could also do is rank youtube videos for a selected clickbank with the RIGHT keywords for the first page of google. And BOOM. people will visit your youtube video since its the first page on google, click your link purchase it. And yeah you caught my drift. i think spiderblast has a journey on this. I believe that's what he does, correct me if im wrong though
i think its funny that people equate online marketing with passive income. Too bad they never sold the "be an accountant, make passive income" thing..

i guess i need to be proven wrong, but you need to to constantly put in work to keep income flowing.

that being said, if you did a MFA site, you are bound to get a couple of ad clicks a month.

edit: if you own enough shares of a blue chip stock, i guess you can live off the dividends.. so that is passive income. my apologies.
Make some affiliate sites and hire some VA's

these days quality is important so if someone isn't working on your sites consistently then the income will disappear.
You can try Zazzle and post new designs daily. But it'll take some time before you make some earnings but in time it will be worth it.
Passive income doesn't exist. You have to invest time/work for something to bring you money.
Even if you manage to create something that will bring you a passive income, after some months it will fade and you will have to work again on a new project or renewing the old one.
For reference, making 1000$ passive income a month in the stock market will require a $USD 150 k, if you're calculating 8% roc p.a. Someone, including myself, makes more in stocks, but ... it isn't passive anymore, as it requires planning; research; execution and active trading.

LMFAO this the farthest from the truth. Don't discourage the OP. anyone that thinks the internet dried up with EASY income. (way more than flipping burgers) needs to do more research. Internet is not even close to being tapped. im actually doing a journey now (ill post it when finished, not during) where I am pretending I have no money to invest and plan on making 2k a month within 30 days and then sharing it with people with a method and niche (i know nothing about) I picked up here. Super possible if you do the research
Part-timers tend not to do well with IM.

There's so many full timers that burn out even with decent money to invest. If you don't have much time as it is and want to make it, say goodbye to any social life.
solo ad is your best option in making money daily to be honest. if you want information p'm and i dont mind sending you a few courses
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