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    Hello BHW, been looking for the right place to ask this... i hope am in the right section, if am not please mods correct me...

    I have a couple of online services i render, and wanna take a bold step towards email marketing so i managed to scrape a couple of emails from some forums related to my niche + the ones i got off my landing pages, now i wanna bulk send emails to them in form of newsletters and also sales page to convince em to work with us, so the gurus here, i''ll be needing a some advices on how i go about with this... how do i bulk send emails to them (probably HTML mails) , i did a couple of research and i found a couple of softwares: Big mass mailer, e-campaign, mailList controller etc and some online tools like mailchimp, mad mimi etc... so which do u suggest, and any advice to add to my procedures? please do share... Thanks