Best marketing strategy I ever seen "sixpackshortcuts", great example to learn

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    This is the best simple and effective marketing I ever seen, with great results.

    Don't know if you heard about this, but I'm pretty sure you did. This sixpackshortcuts is a workout plan to get ripped in some weeks/months.

    If you check the website, alexa ranking is around 12k which is pretty good and this is a paid plan. You must pay a monthly subscription of $60 if I'm right.

    Pagerank is 5! Which is also very high for just some page website and a paid subscription.

    How this guy did it?
    -He used youtube videos
    -He used google adwords
    -He used youtube to reveal some of the plan for FREE
    -All done by videos, no text, pdfs, even diet part is done by videos...
    -He shows a real proof, himself, 100% muscle. A video proof also.
    -He shows another guy as a example too, on videos.
    -He is Asian (ASIAN LEVEL)
    -He provide a refund

    My conclusion is that videos, some free stuff, adwords promotion, video demonstration, video testimonials, and real proof (with video) is viral for marketing!!

    This guy is very popular right now on youtube and fitness forums, millions on views on each video.

    Why I'm talking about this guy? Because all this is done with good marketing. You can find tons of videos, tutorials, manuals...etc about how to get ripped, but this is the most successful with a huge difference.

    Next step: Do the same with SEO services

    Have you heard about this guy, what do you think?
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    What's new? ;)
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    He is just someone with a budget who used many of the techniques that have been around for years but did them on a large scale.