Best Macro Application you have used?

it all done via coding


no app can really help there just short cuts from the app.

to no what your really doing need to study the code .

ather you no the code then use a app to preshate the short cuts ....

using cheat sheets help a lot
does imacros count?

imacros 8.97 with firefox 49 because later versions of imacros does not support tag pos uploading capability. you can run this 24/7 uploading photos to twitter real-time or scheduled. very handy.
Search for Macro Recorder or Pulover's Macro Creator. I've used them both and they're great to work with.
this depends on where to use it , also on emulators i use bot maker , i also use jeets macro , depending on where you will use it, programs may vary well only on my part
To automate browser related tasks: iMacros.
To automate non-browser related tasks: AutoIt or WinAutomation.
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