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    I have an Amazon affiliate website that makes a couple hundred every month. It's got a solid layer of real, trust-worthy sites linking back to it and a large amount of profitable keywords sitting on the 2nd page. In your opinion, what type of link, link-package, service etc, would be most effective in helping to improve the site's ranking? I'm not looking for a monthly SEO package, just a few high quality links that would push some of these keywords to page 1.

    The problem is that I don't know what "type" of link I should purchase. I have a budget of about $200 that I'm willing to spend, but i'm lost in the vast amount of un-trustworthy link packages found on BHW. I see pages being advertised with high PR and DA for $7, and then $80 with the same metrics. Should I aim to buy the highest quality link I can find, or do you think I would be better off buying a larger amount of lower quality links?

    What do you look for in the "optimum" link? High DA, TF, low OBL, and niche related?

    If you have a service that provides a link similar to what I'm looking for, private message me. If you comment your service, I'll assume you're just advertising and will ignore you.
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    You can inbox me. I will recommend my seo services