best language for seo?


Junior Member
Nov 23, 2008
hi guys, im looking for your thoughts on website programming language affecting your seo?
html, css, php, asp, cold fusion etc
do you believe any are better than the others?
the result will always be a web site, so it doesnt really matter i think what *language* you use, its the resulting page. This said, i prefer PHP since you can do some nifty stuff with it.
me too blackhaze, but i have noticed my html pages always seem to rank high maybe because it renders well to the spiders.
im just looking for information because i love joomla for its extensions power but it always seems to kill my pages being crawled as good as html
google loves static pages but these days PHP is mandatory so i would say that HTML PHP and PHP do not harm you when it comes to Seo but JAVASCRIPT and FLASH decrease seo optimization.
php would be my choice, php + .htaccess works great at formatting urls and it's cheap to develop, lot's of people know it. Asp, cf are ok but they're expensive to develop, just compare the project prices with php. Flash well, a flash only site is practically invisible to g00gle
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