Best Instagram CPI Strategy?

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    First off, I want to say thanks for all of the great information you guys post here.

    Alright, I want to ask you guys your opinions on the most profitable ways to use CPI with Instagram. I'm currently building 10 accounts(soon to be more)and I have thought of multiple different ways I could get Installs, but there is always the issue of being banned for having the link in your bio. I'm going to outline the ideas I've had below and would appreciate your feedback on what the best way to proceed would be, thanks.

    Strategy 1:
    Place the link to my landing page in the bio of my main account. The main account is the one that I'm primarily focused on growing. The landing page would be a simple WordPress site where I basically give a "sales pitch" to get them to install an app. I feel this would be the most effective method(more traffic), but also presents the biggest risk. I've read here that it could result in a ban and I don't want that to happen. Is there anyway to avoid getting banned for having a link?

    Strategy 2:
    Make a second account and place the link to my landing page in the bio of that account. I wouldn't post pictures, bot, or perform any type of activity on this account. I would post a picture on my main account that serves as a "call to action" for my followers to go to the other profile and click the link. This would get rid of the risk of my main account being banned. The drawbacks to this idea are that the page would get less traffic, and I would have to be very spammy with posts to get my followers to check out the other profile. I posted 1 picture yesterday on a page with 17k followers and made $4 with about a 40% CVR. As of today I have made $0 because I don't want to spam the post to check out the other account.

    So which route do you guys think I should take? Is the risk of being banned for putting the link in my main page big? What if I made a different WordPress site for each account? Would creating a new WordPress site for each account lower the chance of being banned for it?

    I appreciate all feedback, personal experiences, and advice.