Best Gym Workout music?


Dec 14, 2007
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What are your favorites?
I like Metallica Black Album, GNR, Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark, ACDC - not quite like dance beats for workout. But for Cardio I'd think it is good...

What are yours?
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The unit extended remix

download here:
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The Eye of the Tiger - Rocky theme song.
Era - Ameno. Something from rap maybe. Some energic chillout music. Something from 80's. Eye of the tiger the best of course :)
Rock like Metallica, some Slipknot songs, SOAD...
and Old Westside Hip Hop with Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, 2 Pac ...
I used the binaural beat for exercising found
and to be honest it really did make me go the extra mile. Amazing. Though I don't know if it was psychological because i was trying something for the first time.
I would have to add "fire starter", "spitfire", and "smack my bitch up" by prodigy as well as "ladies and gentlemen" by saliva. Those really get me going. Speaking of workouts, anyone workout hardcore? I have been hooked on crossfit. It totally whips my ass and then some. Google it for more info.
These should motivate you:
Stayin alive - man that falsetto gives me monster pumps :D

Nah seriously, moby and wutang clan are good for runs...

Strangely enough I like to listen to movie soundtracks when I'm lifting...Anything by Hans Zimmer seems to work.
That's cool to see guys working out on here...Before IMing I was a Personal Trainer and competed in a couple of bodybuilding competitions last year.

My fav workout tunes come from the likes of slipknot, shinedown, nickelback, tool, linkin park, sevendust and trapt.
Low Self Opinion - Rollins Band

that, or the sound of the tv being turned on and a six pack opened ;)
Any sort of house/trance/techno floats my boat!

that works for me too however
if its positive thinking and you wanna get a few kilos more on your best then
listening to a copy of the secret video on mp3 also gets you focused and wanting to push that little bit further and it works too
Metallica: Master Of Puppets, Rocky theme songs, GnR, Queen: We Will Rock You. Too many to name.
Im a Slave For You - Britney Spears

Come on Over - Christina Aguilera

Get This Party Started - Pink
obviously the best song ever for working out is "eye of the Tiger"
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