Best FREE wordpress plugins to optimize your blog for SEO and drive social traffic!

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    Hey fellow BHW members, I've decided to create a AIO(All in one) thread that talks about how to properly set up Wordpress(WP) and installing the right plugins in order to make the blog successful by achieving 2 major things:

    1. Optimize your site for Search Engines(a.k.a On-site SEO)
    2. Get traffic not only from search engines, but also from social networks every time you update your blog.

    I'll list the plugins based on their purpose(as you'll see below), all I want from you guys is a little contribution, say what plugins work for you best and I'll add them to the thread, I think we all benefit from this, especially newbies starting out and creating their first site in WP, so let's begin shall we?

    1. Optimize your WP blog for SE by doing on-site SEO:
    All in One SEO Pack
    Platinum SEO Pack

    2. Create sitemaps which help search engines to better index your blog:
    Google XML Sitemaps
    XML Sitemaps

    3. Tracking solution - track what how may visitors are coming to your blog, what pages are they viewing, where are they coming from,etc...
    Google Analytics(this is not a plugin actually, but it's a FREE solution provided by Google) Stats
    Google Analytics for WordPress

    4. Prevent spam on your blog and make it look clean to your visitors:
    Akismet(comes already installed with WP)

    5. Add a nice looking professional contact form on your website:
    Contact Form 7
    Fast Secure Contact Form

    6. Adds sharing buttons to every post you make to make your site go viral through social networking sites such as digg,facebook,twitter,etc...
    AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

    That's it for today, I'm falling asleep now, I'll contribute more tomorrow, if anyone uses a plugin which sends every post you make automatically to every social network site, let us know, that's a very useful plugin...
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    Thanx for the share
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    i have these and they work