Best Free Rank/Serp tracker


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Nov 19, 2009
I am using the free version of Rank Tracker to find rankings for my site. This works well but the only problem is that this version only tracks up to 100. So after 100 I have no idea where I am. I need something(preferably free) that will tell me where I am beyond position 100.

What do you all use?
problem with seoserp is it takes a million years to load its javascript and when ur looking at 10 keywords... for 5 sites its retarded. anyone got anything better?
forget sescout, use rank tracker, enterprise edition. here:

it even gives u full reports for clients
well in Rank Tracker you can just click on Preferences-> Rank Checking Mode and set max results to 1000 or whatever you want.
Sescout is good. But the free one is un-reliable atleast get the $15/month package.

Rank tracker is good and reliable.. Do as Sauchox says and change the amount of search results to grab then it will be the same as Sescout (PAID VERSION)

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