Best Free Quality Links for a Particular Subject - List and How to Find. Find for Me

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    Make money for helping me, providing a service.

    I am interested in developing the best list of sites to get worthwhile links for free for a particular subjects, and I am interested in learning the best process, which tools or skills, accomplish this best. I'll give you a subject, say "structural engineering," and you give me a list of places that I can get links for free (effort required OK, but not money - buying links is a separate project). You will also explain what process you used to find this list. (I am not thinking of social sites, I can create those myself, nor am I thinking of blasting the universe with tools like ScrapeBox, I thinking more of very specific blog comments, possible guest posts with real content not spam, high quality directories or similar that are not the Google kiss of death, etc. So good quality WH? SEO)

    I am willing to pay for this work, please send a proposal for both parts, payment by PayPal.

    The purpose of me asking for the list, and the method is so I can learn to do this process for myself. and check my results. I am not interested in just a list of sites.

    Real time communication like Skype doesn't suit me, so please don't post or PM me to "add [you] on Skype." If you have questions about what I want, please PM or post here and I will answer.

    I don't have a particular budget in mind, I just want to accomplish a goal. If more than one person is interested in helping me, I'll hire the person whose communication indicates that they understand what I want, and that they want to earn for providing a service to me, not just make some money. Lastly, this (BHW) is a market for services, so I will hire the person who can meet my requirements for the lowest price, not just the lowest price - so I am not expecting to pay $2.