Best Energy Guide: New Product 75% Commission + Full Affiliate Support + Prizes

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    Hi Blackhatters
    I was trying to start this thread during the last 2 hours but i keep getting this error "502 Bad Gateway" i hope that isn't a big problem .
    Anyway im glad to announce the lunch of a new clickbank product:


    The product is Called Best Energy Guide.
    Sales page:
    Affiliate materials:

    (Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank ID) is a universal product that appeals to any consumer that currently pays utility bills, in other words, ALMOST EVERYBODY! With today's bleak economic forecast and rising energy costs, consumers are looking to save money any place they can. is an easy to use manual that allows consumers to make changes without extensive mechanical knowledge or experience. We provide steps and solutions that are easy to implement and that everyone can use in their homes to save their hard earned money. By following the tips and advice in this custom written 50+ page guide you can easily save over $7000 a year on your utility bills.

    We're selling this one for $39, and offering 75% commission so you receive about $26 in commission after CB fees!

    Why You Should Promote BestEnergyGuide ?

    *Its simple really, we offer a product that appeals to anyone who has monthly utility costs, or in other words ALMOST EVERYBODY! If you're looking to promote a product that converts and pays a 75% commission look no further. We have great affiliate materials and will work with you to get you the creative or copy that you need to be a success. With tons of people looking to save money in this economy this product offers a great return on your potential customers investment and makes you money! We are always running promotions for our top affiliates ranging from free Ipods to cash prizes up to $500.
    * Massive niche market
    * The price. We have chosen a price point ($39) that is reasonable to the customer, but also earns affiliates a healthy commission.
    * Huge affiliates materials and we're gonna keep the affiliates page updated

    Affiliate Competition:

    In fact, to really make this something special, We are running an affiliate contest where every affiliate who makes just 15 sales gets a new iPod Nano. With more sales you get better prizes.

    Or If you like Cash You can PM me to join this Contest :

    50 Sales = $100 Cash Prize
    100 Sales = $300 Cash Prize
    200 Sales = $500 Cash Prize

    These cash prizes will be paid through Paypal (payment will be sent 60 days after the last sale has been made to void any refunds)

    What support do we give our affiliates?

    Our affiliates are one of the most important parts of our whole campaign and we want to ensure that every affiliate converts. If you need any help do not hesitate contacting me.
    On the affiliate page We've provided Banners - keyword lists and other information with much more to come in the following days. We're really optimistic about this niche, and we are committed to offering Our affiliates all of the support they need.

    Note that Best energy guide is not another Solar Panels DIY , But they have the same costumers so you can start promoting it on the same websites you already have .

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