Best Ebooks and Tools Recomended by Black hatters

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    Most of the Ebooks and Softwares about InternetMarketing are absolute Crap and Rehashed shit. Underneath all these shit lies the real ebooks or softwares which can give great moneymaking-ideas and help us make shitloads of money ....
    They are the real Golden Nuggets hidden among the heap of crap.

    This Thread is a honest attempt to bring out the Golden Nuggets out of the Crap.....

    All we have to do is Recommend a ebook or Tool or software or Service or even a idea... which really changed the way you do business positively and made lots of money for you....

    My Recomendation:
    It's not a ebook or software....It's a idea i took from the Leaked version of butterfly marketing.
    The idea is:
    "People love to be compleate.They hate if thinks are incompleate."

    How i applied this idea:
    I sell ebooks.I gave Free ebooks to the visitors of my site which just contains a few chapters and the other chapters are hidden with teasers.
    I have about 5% conversion now.

    This simple idea when implemented earns me more money than GB's of ebooks i have read in my Life...

    So What do u Recommend?Let's Help to seperate the Golden nuggests out of Crap......