Best CPA networks for Blackhat?

This thread brings negative attention to CPA networks to where they might receive heat from affiliates or merchants and in turn they might become more strict.

This kind of info should be strictly kept under the radar.

Doing black hat doesn't always mean sending worthless leads. It could just mean you are sending leads form an unaccepted traffic source or tricking qualified leads into filling out offers.
i have worked with a lot of affiliate networks and most are pretty good. some are not. once/if you start making them some money, you should start watching them-- looking at your logs and figuring out your click to conversion rate. some have a tendency to take a few leads here and there and hope you never notice unless you ask them what's going on. regardless, blackhatters should watch their logs and make some noise when they see something suspicious going on... the street goes both ways. =)
I am using cj with the ************** trick. I have made over $1600 this month but the money is still pending.. has anybody have problems with this company? and what can I do to avoid getting banned

CJ probably has the best fraud prevention system among all networks. Getting too much money from leads does raise a red flag.
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