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    This post is probably going to invite a lot of self promotion, so up front, if you have a BHW Content Service please don't post here. I'm looking for reviews from people who have used different content services here on BHW. Looking for a service provider with the following qualifications...

    1) Native English Speaker - no offense to non-English speakers, but English is a very twisted language and it's difficult to get everything just write without decades of speaking/writing it
    2) High quality/engaging content - the kind that people would be interested in sharing, and that I can post to a money site. No spinning
    3) Works independently - I give them my money site, they can come up with 10 topics that will fit great and submit the topics to me, upon approval start writing.

    Can anyone who has used BHW content providers in the past vouch for a service provider who will meet these criteria? #1 & #2 are the most important to me. #3 is pure gravy.



    P.S. Again, if you are a content provider, I'm glad to hear it, but please no promos/requests. I would rather hear from your customers on this thread :)