Best cloud storage service for Movie website


Aug 13, 2022
I made a movie website using WordPress and tried uploading all my movies in G-drive, getting the public sharing link from G-drive and making it a one-click download link

I have tried this but , google gives a message "Download limit exceeded" when a lot of people try to download the movie

Can anyone please suggest me a better solution for storage?
Btw you can also use Cloudflare to reduce bandwidth (also has streaming options). But You'll need to pay or they will close your account.
Cloud accounts can be closed if you want to use a cloud account use hetzner but try to register yourself and pay with virtual card
I know you want something free but if you're looking for quality you have to pay for it brother. you can try Cloudflare
Ignore "unlimited". See what the actual price for bandwidth is. No point in hoping you'll stay unnoticed and can push huge bandwidth for free.

Unfortunately it seems that Hetzner is also stating "unlimited" now for dedicated servers, while for VPS it is 10 or 20 TB and €1,19 per extra TB, which is a great price, especially considering that they mean it and provide it.

As for unlimited, the problem in case of Hetzner (and EVERYBODY else) is that if you fill the 1 Gbit-Uplink for the whole month that would be around 300 TB which would be €360 (€1,19 per TB) - for a server that costs €50

I don't think they'll let you do this for very long (1 to 2 weeks maybe?).

Bad, Hetzer, bad! (And I like them a lot)
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