Best Bots to consistantly cash in $ with

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    There are so many Bots and Tools out there. Looking for the Thumbs up and down for a few of them floating around. Looking for the bots that will allow me to generate the most $ day in and day out consistently (Without requiring crazy updates every week just to stay in the game) and in the best case scenario ie. access to great proxies and access to Captcha Typers when necessary when Bypass is not available. So using each bots to the best of its capability.

    Please also share if you think the network/method the Bot is targeting is not worth it due to bad traffic,no conversion, not enough traffic etc..

    From JetBots:

    Their Blackplanet solution
    Their Facebook solution
    Their Digg Bot

    Bodeezy :

    Torrent Sensation
    The Submit Method

    IM: Yahoo Revelation

    Mailer : YahooMailer & Gmailer

    I think everyones sharing their experience with those tools could be a very good feedback to the community. Help digg through the forest out there. Any other bots suggestions to achieve my main goal are welcome too.

    Thanks a lot