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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by liam2003, Jun 15, 2010.

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    hi first off i would like to thank you for reading this

    so i have been looking through the services available and yeah they look all good and true but can anyone recomend a good backlinking service i can use, i need about 100 - 200 backlinks making all with anchor text to boost 1 or 2 keywords, after this i should be getting more traffic as my on site seo is now pritty decent, just a case of off site.

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    Hey there,

    Sorry I can't help you too much but just wanted to jump in and say I am looking for the exact same thing. Last night I spent several hours searching in Google for some reputable companies, and one of them wanted to charge me $50,000 for 1000 links!!! Geez I aint that rich...yet. I requested a couple of quotes from a firm called Netsmartz (appears they are based out of India).

    Have to say if your site is relatively new I advise not to have too many backlinks flood in all at the same time, otherwise Google may get suspicious. I requested a quote for monthly backlink building so it would look more natural.

    If anyone can recommend link building services for Liam2003 and myself that would be great...

    Cheers and long live BHW!