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Best auto follow bot/script for Instagram??

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Donbuffy, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Donbuffy

    Donbuffy Regular Member

    Jul 23, 2012
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    Hello BHW, am not really that vibrant here but i must say i have learnt a lot from this forum, and am truly inspired seeing different success stories... it got me looking at my Instagram account, it has been pretty dormant since i opened it years ago and as a blogger would like to make it grow more popular and interactive, first i need followers... a friend of mine told me a trick, though he does his manually on his personal account, he follows 100-200 active users (commenters) from big pages on the same niche and also like their pictures too... he started over a month ago and now he has more than 5k followers and an over 300+ likes per pics on average... I guess i started pretty late on this instagram thingy (don't mind me) firstly i thought instagram was majorly for picture freaks and celebrities not untill i figured out how it pulls traffic and has turned into a huge market place, so looking at growing my account and improve to multiple accounts maybe... i've heard of followliker, crowdfire, manageflitter etc... being pretty much of a newbie, i would like to know which is more easy and effective in achieving my goal.. or maybe there is some sort of bot or script i could buy/use to auto follow people to follow me back, lemme know please!
    Any other ideas which can be used in generating fanbase please drop below or hit me up via pm or skype:donbuffy
  2. EatSleepSEO


    Jul 26, 2015
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    Here you go:

  3. duceduc

    duceduc Supreme Member

    Aug 23, 2014
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    I'm a one-time fee kinda guy. I've got Follow Liker & MB Ingram. Both are good bots. I used to used FL only until IG smash FL for commenting. So I started back on MB Ingram since IG isn't banning commenting with this bot.

    Bottom line. If you plan to bot 1-3 accs only, Plan to comment on mass, and or in low budget, go with MB Ingram. It's easy to use once you understand the software & do some run.
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  4. tompots

    tompots Elite Member Premium Member

    Dec 11, 2011
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    Automated Software Solutions
    Home Page:
    We offer many different social media marketing tools, including Instagram software. The MB Ingram Edition and the MB Ingram Advanced Edition are our Instagram marketing software's that have been under development for the last 3 years. Below is a list of setting and functions of our Instagram bots. We provide two Advanced Instagram bots for one low price, and no monthly fees.

    MB Ingram Edition Settings and Function.

    1. Follow based on keywords
    2. Like based on keywords
    3. Comment based on keywords
    4. Mass unfollow
    5. Save and load settings individually
    6. Multi account software
    7. Master delay
    8. Random delay
    9. Wait before next request
    10. Wait before next page
    11. Set your user agent
    12. Stop the bot at
    13. Pick a random keyword
    14. Pick a random comment
    15. Automation rest
    16. White and black list
    17. Advance comment editor
    18. Automation succession mode
    19. Follow, like, and comment in succession
    20. End succession follows
    21. End succession likes
    22. End succession comments
    23. Stop at succession total
    24. Save to custom setting path
    25. Mulitple instance compatable

    MB Ingram Advanced Edition Module 1 Settings and Function.

    1. Follow from list
    2. Like from list
    3. Unfollow from list
    4. Comment from list
    5. Comment on, up to, 20 images per user
    6. Like up to 20 images per user
    7. Remove complete users from list
    8. Automation succession mode
    9. Automate same user mode
    10. Follow, like and comment on the same user
    11. End succession follows
    12. End succession likes
    13. End succession comments
    14. Stop succession total
    15. Custom settings path
    16. Advance settings
    17. Pick random comment
    18. Automation rest
    19. White and black list
    20. Advanced comment editor
    21. Delay settings
    22. Master delay
    23. Random delay
    24. Wait before next request
    25. Wait before next page
    26. Stop the bot app
    27. Set your user agent
    28. Multi account software
    29. Multiple instance compatability
    30. Proxy support

    MB Ingram Advanced Edition Module 2 Scrape Bot Settings and Function.

    1. Scrape users following
    2. Scrape users followers
    3. Scrape popular page users that liked
    4. Scrape by keyword users that posted
    5. Scrape by keyword users that liked
    6. Scrape my feeds users that posted
    7. Scrape my feeds users that liked
    8. Scrape not following back
    9. Scrape I don't follow back
    10. Scrape my liked users that posted
    11. Scrape my liked users that liked
    12. Scrape liked my posts users that liked
    13. Save and load settings individually
    14. Master delay
    15. Random delay
    16. Wait before next request
    17. Restart when complete