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Feb 1, 2009
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can someone post a list of the best article sites to submit to..would me much appreciated..:)
All of them :p is fantastic.
There are a few 2nd tier sites that are also good. In general, google - the stuff that comes up high is worth submitting to.

like goarticles, articlecity, articlebase, etc

Zimbio and ehow look good - but I haven't used either. I frequently see them ranking well.

The normal web 2.0 sites (like squidoo, hubpages, weebly, tumblr, etc) are great too is brilliant - but you'll get banned if they sniff commercial promotion. (And they do, often). The brilliance of is their rankings, and tag pages. I HIGHLY recommend this one if you can work out how to get under their radar - and want very high quality backlinks, and even a secondary search engine ranking vehicle.

Services like Jet Submitter, Article Marketing Automation, Unique Article Wizard that do spinning and submission are brilliant, and will submit your articles to a few thousand sites combined. I highly recommend these.

If you're doing it for backlinks, Linkvana is great too. You just need brief snippets to post. Or you can buy them for 2 bucks each from within the service if you're feeling lazy, or can't work out a better place to get snippets

If you're doing it for backlinks though, and you're serious, put them all in your **************.


People bitch about prices of some of these services - as if they're only going to use them once a month.

If you're a real blackhat, you know that we blast the crap out of things as hard as we can until we risk making them not work anymore.
Don't get caught up with the losers here who spend hours finding or cracking 2nd rate tools just to save 50 or 100 bucks when they could be making more just by buying 1st rate tools and bloody using them!


P.S. - Thank-you button (for the list of tools/sites for article submission) is over there ;) --->
Page Rank 6 Article Directory:-
Page Rank 5 Article Directory:-
Page Rank 4 Article Directory:-
Page Rank 3 Article Directory:-

These are my latest updated collection. Some sites even have limited dignup's. Best of luck.
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