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    Im a noob in IM but good at other things and i would like to contribute to this forum as i teached a lot here already in these few days.

    This report is targeted to you people that make very much money beacuse if you teach this you will benefit from it.
    No matter how insane and unfair this report might sound, its all truth and you can check this up in your own countrys and i will try to write it as short and to the point as possible.

    Im a company owner and i want to tell you the benefits of it.

    The main difference between a company owner and a private person is how you pay your taxes and how you can use untaxed money for personal usage.
    this is the difference between a private person and a company owner

    private person: works - get payed - pay taxes - consumes
    co owner : works - get payed - consumes - pays taxes

    lets say a private person earns 100k per year and lets see this formula:

    private person: works - get payed - pay taxes - consumes

    in this 100k his boss pays for him around 25k tax and he payes around 30k tax and that leaves him about 45k tax and if you happend to have some income tax based on if you earn to much then they screw you again and you might end up with like 35k

    so you work, your employer pays taxes for you before you even see them, and whatevers rest of the money you have the right to consume

    lets say a company owner earns 100k per year and lets see this formula:

    co owner : works - get payed - consumes - pays taxes

    in this case the company owner works and gets payed, and here is the deal
    the company owner can consume on money that are not taxed yet and in our black hat community case it would be like
    bought new programs
    bought traffic
    bought new computers
    bought new routers
    bought new e-books
    and all this for money you didnt tax for yet becuse a company owner is taxed at the end of the year based on his earnings so back to the formula again

    co owner : works - get payed - consumes - pays taxes

    earnings 100k, spend throught all year lets say 70k and left is 30 as profit (because rest we spend on programs and hardware and e-books and shit and that right we have cos we want our company to grow so its all on company)

    (a private person woulnt have the possibillity to buy all this things because tax agency allready ripped off his money before he even got them)

    we have now 30k left as profit and are taxed from this which would be about less then 15k.

    and here is the amazing part so keep this in your head
    As a company owner you are FORCED to spend money on whatever because if you dont, the tax agency will take most of them at the end of the year because your profit is bigger so in our language it would be like
    all the traffic or whatever you are doing in black hat is for FREE untaxed tax money!

    So to all of you that are making money here, make it easyer for you and run behind a company because the benefits are immense

    ofc the numbers above stated shoudnt be taken too serious because every country have different tax so these numbers are from my country but in general in western countries people pay between 50-67% tax, and company owners dont!

    feel free to ask any questions and i will gladly help you