Benefit from having big amounts of twitter/FB/other VERified,old accs

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    Welcome all

    I was never into social marketing because I always truly hated Facebook

    However i have some amounts of old accounts that are verified and were never used for spam. Everything 200% natural.

    Apart from selling them, is there any way I can make use of them and profit? I am totally bad on social marketing, barely use facebook even for personal purposes.

    What i am decent at is IT. I have also some CPA website with game hacks and some SEO done on it. I also have access to plenty SEO tools and services.

    I wanna give socials a go, because its a big part of marketing anyway (and so is SEO). And the only thing I have that others DONT have and either have to buy or think about something else, are accounts :).

    Well I can also bring real non-spam non-fake accs games targeted (but only games-targeted for now) shares and likes to facebook/twitter/etc posts or pages.

    Obviously i cant make facebook page about gaming and bring some targeted likes because even then it wont success (too big competition).

    Is there any way for me to benefit from these targeted likes and/or from having real accounts to socials?
    Note I dont want to sell these.