Belfort's Laws of Success - How to Make Money & Succeed in Business

I'll never understand why people admire that crook. He's literally famous for theft. That's considered success to y'all?
It's crazy how this thread has gotten such low activity considering its value. @splishsplash are you still following this system and if so have you made any modifications to it for improvement? If you're not following it, what have you replaced it with?

Great thread.

I have changed it a little, but the core thing is the same. The first image and the simplicity model is how you succeed. The simpler you get, the more energy you free up and more you achieve.

It applies to everything in life. I try to simplify as much as possible. Clothes, food etc. My clothes are fairly basic. Almost everything is just ralph lauren polo. I have about 15 ralph lauren polo shirts and about 6-7 ralph lauren t-shirts and 5-6 pairs of trousers. All underwear is just armani(most comfortable, and all socks are blue/black, same type, CK(most comfortable for me).

So every day, I just grab pair of socks/underwear from each box. Pair of trousers, and then if trousers are light, I take a dark top, if trousers are dark, I take a light top. Really simple. Minimal thinking involved. I don't choose colors unless I'm going out for dinner and putting a bit more thought into it.

Food is quite simple too. Fast as long as possible, then break the fast with either an omlette or a healthy bar(lots of brands, I just buy a few and grab whatever's on top. The proper healthy ones like the ones made with dates etc).

Dinner varies, but either the maid cooks or my wife, but during the day the only thought of food is that simple grab a bar or an omlette.

The more you can simplify everything the better. Reduce decisions, reduce emotional stuff, reduce choice. Choice being different than decisions. Choice more being like "what shall I have for lunch", and decisions I would define as something that doesn't necessarily have a set X amount of choices, ie, what shall I do now, what shall I do this afternoon. Just have a system and most of the day planned out. Ie, I aim for 4 hours of focused/deep work per day and I write my next day's tasks the night before so I have things to do for that 4 hours. I don't like to over plan every hour of the day, but have your core flow of the day planned out.

So I wake, drink water, shower, do a hof breathing, stretch, drink a coffee. I might spend a couple hours with my family and then go do 4 hours deep work in the office then come home, hour with the family, few hours work at the home office. Or I might stay at the office for 12 hours. It varies, but I have my core morning, and my 4 hour block that I stick to.

As for the change I made.. This just depends on your personal business/workflow.

I notice I said I hated weeklies, and I guess that worked for me at the time. I think back then I had way more tasks, where-as now I have VERY few tasks, but they're all DEEP/LONG.

So now I ditch the quarterly and go for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

Yearly is super simple. Monthly I also keep really simple and more like a compass so as not to clog myself up, and then I just leave weekly/daily for the specific tasks to achieve.

If you have a more chaotic sort of business with a LOT of small tasks, then you might prefer to scrap weekly and just have a more detailed monthly that you get your daily tasks from. I'm using my monthly more like a yearly. Ie, 2-4 vision type goals for the month.
When choosing a theme, don't spend an entire day, like 99% of people do reviewing every theme out there and procrastinating
Absolutely. Without a plan it's so easy to fall off the wagon. I remember comparing so many themes, "oh this one looks good" 5 seconds later, actually no this one looks good. Repeat ad infinitum & you're stuck in a loop.

Next thing you know, you've wasted an entire day, week & month doing something that should take mere moments.

It's crazy how this thread has gotten such low activity considering its value.
This thread is pure diamonds. Can't believe I've only just read it!
This thread should be pinned in all honesty.
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