Being blackmailed to get a page removed. Any ideals

Expose him. Publish his email/message and make it rank. It could spark a war, alternatively you've got to ignore him until he finds better stuff to do and outrank his page.

A threat of lawsuit and report to the authorities could be effective, but it depends in what countries you two are.
This type of activity is unlawful almost everywhere. Get in touch with you're attorney if you have one, or discover as much proof as you can and phone the law enforcement. They will at least be able to uncover out who the individual is, even if they're not from your nation, they may discover out and you can computer file a document with the regional law enforcement.

It's more than just unlawful, its downright illegal, there is a slight semantic difference.

And if someone is trying to extort money out of this guy, it doesn't matter whether its online or offline, its still illegal and the authorities should take note. If they refuse to investigate, report them to their supervisors.

Did you just rewrite ChaRoN.StYx's post in shittier English?

lol :D

This should be very simple to get rid of.....

He's not only blackmailing you but also extorting. Both of which you should have an easy time scaring him into removing it.

I'd recommend documenting EVERYTHING, back up his website, screencaps, keep notes of email exchanges, phone calls, anything and everything.

Then as mentioned above contact an attorney, DA, police, etc.

My recommendation would be to also try and get his hosting company and domain registrar to take action as well, they may do so if you've got evidence of his blackmail and extorting schemes.
A few good suggestions in here already: lawyer up or boost the pages below his.

Another idea is to create a blog post detailing what he's doing. If you have e-mails as evidence, it may be a good reply to his negative reviews. IANAL, but this may stop you taking legal action against him later on.
I have a guy that put up negitive info about my company. He is ranked #2 right below me. He continues to post very bad things about the company and has demanded $ and he will remove it. Any ideals how to get him bumped way down. I have tried to build other sites and push him down. But he seems pretty well dug in. Any ideals or comments I would be greatful for.

the following thread about similar problems with neg comments (but not involving blackmail) covers a lot of ground for you:

and includes a link to this excellent thread, which is a 'how-to' on reputation management. boiled down, the advice in this thread is to promote all of the sites on page 1 that are currently below your antagonist, so that they effectively push him down onto page 2.

apart from that, whilst reporting your blackmailer to the relevant authorities or getting your lawyers involved is all probably good advice, its either going to be slow or will cost you money.

best alternative advice ive seen so far in the replies youve received (and probably fastest solution for you) is from SUPERLINKS who suggested taking screen shots of your antagonists site and then contacting the web hosting company who host it, providing them with your screenshot evidence and copies of threatening emails youve received, as they are likely to act faster than any of the other suggestions youve been given and other than your own time invested, they wont cost you money.
Its tough out there. Keep your nose clean from scammers and people trying to screw up your life for a few bucks. If yo are threatened though, defend yourself by any means. Keep records of it all. Be the better person. Get it done. Yezzir! Good luck.
xrumer 10,000,000 links in one anchor text should do the job.

yea X-Rumer and Doss Attack would do the trick also download SeSniper from here then click the living hell out of his links to create a massive bounce rate until google sandbox comes and gives him a gay hug:D

you can also use NO Hands SEO from here download the Free Trial another alternative is scrapebox
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