Behold; I bring good tidings of great joy

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Nov 12, 2008
Had a quick browse, and really dig this forum. Did some black hat in 04/05 with B&P and recently quit my job to go balls to the wall on my own projects. I hope to offer something of value to this great community. Cheers!
you are welcome here. BHW is definitely a great place to discuss things and we will definitely appreciate everything you'll offer to this beloved BHW.
I am also new.. although with no Black Hatting experience but I believe I have the know how.. So good tidings and good cheer to you good sir! Hope to see ya around buddy.
...recently quit my job to go balls to the wall on my own projects....

Well done, that takes real balls jawnknee. Gotta say that the best thing about this place is those people that give something back to the community.
Not open for further replies.
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