Beginning of My Journey (Articles to IM) "Newbies Start Something!"

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    I've been a BHW member for about 3-4 months now and I've lurked and tried to learn as much as I can before actually starting anything.

    I started out by lurking in the threads and not posting anything at all. Then I started posting a bit and this is when one of the BHW Vets got a view of the way I write. This is how I started to write Articles for BHW members. I started a thread that gave free articles to members who would then give reviews on them. This was Getwatchuwant's idea. He said that if I get 15 positive reviews from reputed members than he'd buy my JrVIP for free. I was so surprised at the offer when I got it that I stood staring at my computer for several minutes before actually replying. So several articles later (even though I didn't get all the reviews yet) Getwatchuwant paid for my JrVIP.

    A few days into the "Blue" I just studied what was available in the JrVIP section. I tried to absorb as much as I can while at the same time writing several articles for people I got to know through the "Review" Thread. I got the idea of helping out some of the writers in my country and tried to get them to write for me. I only got college graduates from the top universities in Manila and they are quite happy with the wages I gave them. Though I earned less per article, I actually made up for this by the "volume" of jobs that we got. So instead of writing 5 articles per day and earning 25 dollars, I was now making a decent amount and I am now earning (for the past seven days) around a 100 dollars.

    Now this would seem an ok enough income for some in third world countries. Specially for those in my country, but I had bills to pay and my dad's in the hospital. All thatand I also have to come up with the money for the medications that my mother and sister are taking. Top that with me and my girlfriend's plans of getting married and starting a family of our own by next year. I need to scale up and earn a lot more than I was making. So I decided to start working on a Marketplace thread for Articles (I know there are a lot of Article threads, but I'm already getting clients as is so I figured I could get a lot more volume if I started one). Unfortunately, due to my stupidity and utter noobishness a few months earlier I had infractions. And that's enough cause for the MODs to disapprove a thread submission in the MP.

    A few days of racking my brain I decided to ask some members to JV with me in the MP. It's that or wait 9 months till my infractions expire. So now I'm
    waiting for replies to that.

    So that's basically how I started. I wanted to share this with you guys, specially the newbies (most of which are from 3rd world countries like mine) so that they'll get some motivation to actually "start" something. It's not enough to spend all your late nights studying. You actually have to do something. Also I'm planning to expand my business and do some IM and try to earn more.

    I plan to buy a domain and hosting in a few days from Hostgator for the lowest package that's for 6 months or 12 months. I finally had enough money saved up inspite of my expenses. I'm thinking of going into the adult niche and another niche popular in our country. I will combine FB, YT, and other methods to get the word out and get some traffic. I'll use AddMeFast + paid "organic" likes for my FB Pages and for Youtube. I will use combinations of PPL, PPC, and PPS for the sites to gain momentum on the income and then get professional SEOs to gain better traffic. I will fund the venture with my Article Writing Team's earnings and will reinvest whatever I earn with the venture to make the business grow. After getting enough money saved I will so do mass email blasting using VPS plus Interspire.

    It's all a big jumble of a plan right now, but I finally got the ball rollin' thru the generosity of Getwatchuwant. I will update you guys on how this journey will progress. I won't be able to write for the thread that often, but I'll write something on every new development. I will try to write with a lot more details regarding the financials and the lay-out of the plan as time progresses.

    I have to move forward and not stay stagnant otherwise I'll be burying myself in depression over the current state of my finances. So I'm taking action
    and starting something instead of just waiting for some great miracle to be thrown at my feet. Who knows, somebody might find this thread useful in the future.

    I'm not expecting any spoon-feeding but I would appreciate some inputs regarding what I'm doing. I know I can't do this alone so I'd really like some help from the vets and my fellow JrVIPs.

    This journey thread will continously be updated as long as I'm trying to earn it will more of a "journal" thread than a journey.
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