Beginner trying the POF email strategy, tips on how to refine

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    Hi guys,

    Read a few posts regarding this so thought I would give it a go. I basically did the bare minimum:

    - Created girls gmail account
    - Created girls POF with one photo, email address on it. Wrote a paragraph of nonsense about being bubbly, up for fun and email me.
    - Signed up to LoadedCash/iHookup and got a link for the Pay Per Signup (My mistake - I wanted pay per lead, have now applied)
    - Set up Gmail autoresponder - all the url shortening services wouldnt allow my link, so I just threw the aff link in the autoresponder. Said something like, can't talk here, gtg but i'm on cam here, sign up free and search for me, my user is ****** (made up, to add realism)

    So, did that and went to sleep. This morning I woke up to 10 unique visits, 6 free signups, but no paid signups and no cash. (This is when I realised I had the wrong campaign). However, I now have about 60 email addresses. ALso went through my 200+ POF messages replying with:

    I think my account may have been ghosted so party over for now. But, I've seen something of a proof of concept with the sheer volume of interaction I was getting on POF. Do I need to carry on building my list? What could I tweak here to make some sales? Would you suggest a different network? I have applied for PPL at iHookup.

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    Looks like you're going to be a great asset to the forum
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