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    Hi black hatters,

    Since this is my first post in this awesome forum (even though I enjoyed reading through lots of threads in the last days) I?d like to type a few words about myself first.
    I am an 18 year old student from Austria who, guess what, would really enjoy some extra cash. For about the last 2 or 3 months or so I was reading through every ebook I could find on this topic, but as you know, most of them are worthless crap, so?

    ?Here now I stand, poor fool, and see
    I'm just as wise as formerly?.

    Luckily I got them all from torrents or rapidshare, so I didn?t pay for them at least.
    But somehow I came to this forum, where the all the stuff you?re usually supposed to pay for is described, discussed, public, and free. The problem that I have is now, on this forum is so much knowledge, there are so many threads with pretty good explanations, that I don?t know where to start. From what I have seen, there are 3 methods that seem the most promising to me:

    (the list is in no particularly order)
    I.The associated content thing with the voice recognition program
    Problem: I am no US citizen.
    II.World-dating-partners + gumtree + craigslist (found it in the only ebook I?d call pretty good)
    III.Auto blogging
    IV.Any other suggestions?

    I have zero experience in this stuff, I don?t want to spend money to earn money (at least not in the beginning), and I am thinking of working about 2-3 hours a day (I?d prefer 2, but if it had to be 3, it wouldn?t be much of a problem).

    What would you recommend me?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    First of all, welcome to BHW, I hope you find a lot of useful information and people here, just remember that it's nice to give back too, you may not feel like you can help people now but as you learn you should try to share your knowledge with others here

    Secondly, what are your skills, what is your experience? All the methods you are looking at are good, it really depends on what you will find works for you and what you can bring to the table in terms of putting your own spin on the methods you find.

    I recommend giving each of them a try and seeing what you like.

    Have fun! :)
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    welcome to the forum,
    there is a lot of good info here. Just do this one thing and you should suceed pick a project you want to do study it learn as much about it as you can then try it. Doesnt work revamp what you did try again. Rinse and repeat as ive noticed the main problem with people not making money is they will try a project for a day or 2 and not make anything and give up move to the next thing. Keep pushing at it you will make money think outside the box. I suggest cpa as a beginner use yahoo answers and articles free of course. Hope it all works out for you
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    If you are going to make a spoon-feed thread - this is how it should fucking be done! Future-noobs shall take note!

    This thread will prove that we can spoon feed you, but you must be polite about it and be serious about this internet marketing thing you've ventured onto.

    Anyway, I would keep reading more make money threads and use the search box for anything you have a question on. One person you should search up is Howie Schwartz. We have many of his tutorials on here written by the guru himself. He will help you make money, guaranteed!
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    You can flip articles for some quick cash. Basically, its just like the AC thing, except instead of AC, you sell them on DP or something.
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    Hey welcome to the forum!

    I just found this recently as well. I have tried making money in the past promoting clickbank via my joomla site, NO luck. So I have setup one of the things that you said you might try- autoblogging. Getting a few adsense clicks, but not real money. I need to figure out how to get some traffic, or just keep building and hope for the best.

    Maybe try CL or once I get to 50 post, something else.

    Don't get down on yourself, stay with it. I have not made more than 60 bucks total, but would be stoked to do that a day!