Been Away A While, What Do I Need To Know?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Scotland, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Hey Everyone.

    I used to be quite regular on here, however after starting college and due to other family commitments, and also not having access to my account, im a bit wet behind the ears....

    I started a fresh around 4 weeks ago with a site which ive created, im on page 2 of google just now and im currently adding my content every day or 2.

    After looking through the hardrive etc, ive got my scrapebox reinstalled, still got about 6 months left of senuke, and still good at writing articles :).

    Ive read a few pages tonight, 1 in particular from an exec vip about google algorithm changes and how a lot of backlinks are losing their weight.

    Rather than read through 6-8 months of posts, has there been significant changes in backlink building etc?. Is it worth me carrying on with these tools or should i be looking for a new approach encaptulating new methods or can still use the basic methods of backlink building.

    Great to be back, looking forward to catching with me old friends... (dadelius,3threes)

    Cheers Again

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    Yes - It all got more difficult :-(