Beating the giant, corporate sites in the SERPs

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by raider763, Jan 7, 2011.

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    When I search through keywords for niches, I always find a few that have Walmart, Overstock, Amazon, Lowes, etc, scattered throughout the results. These are usually mixed in with information sites that have anywhere between 50-500 links pointing to the ranking page.

    However I found a few keywords that have considerable traffic but are completely dominated by deep linked pages from the companies mentioned above. Out of the 10 results, the domain age is 10+ years for all of them, however ALL 10 sites have 10 links or less to the ranking page. Many have thousands to hundreds of thousands of domain links.

    Are these keywords worth pursuing? I know those pages are in the top 10 because of the power and trust of the domain, however it seems that 10 links to the page would be easy to beat.

    If I focus a site on the topic and get say, 300 links, would this be enough to crack the top 5 in a niche like this?
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    Amazon is easy to beat! Never seen the others in the serp's for my keywords.

    That is kinda like saying is hard to beat because of the total number of backlinks across the site when the actual article pages has 0 and is ranked only on the domains authority.

    Make a site/article or page or whatever have more backlinks and good on site seo and you will outrank it :)