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I ordered on the 13th of April, 1 month later still not getting any report.

Can you please check. Thank you.
Djp sent you a PM. Answer it fast(Today latest---).... thanks.
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Placed an order on the 2nd, order number ends in ******5305. Tried to PM, but I cant until I reach the post limit. Can you let me know whats happening?

I've tried emailing you on the email you provided in the PM but it doesn't work.

4 Days ago I paid $99.99 via Paypal for backlinks service. I received no response, no acknowledgement of receipt, no indication of what would take place, no response at all. I followed up 4 times, three times from the website and once in response to an earlier query via email to which I had gotten response. Please advise.....
So the post above in which I mention no response following paid order & emails is order #4990726766. Please let me know status.
Sorry I can't recommend this service to anyone. I received 90% PR2 domains even though it should not me mathematical possible compared to the salesthread stating there is less than 20 PR2s.

The domains was also spammed with between and more than 100-200 blogposts. When I received my report 2 weeks after dripfeeding was done more than 50% of the blogposts was still not indexed. Nearly 3 weeks later after work was delivered 14 blogposts out of 50 blogposts are still not indexed and I found out 1 of the domains was not even indexed.

The facts I stated above pretty much proves that all of this domains probaly are in bad shape. Having trouble with indexing blogposts 3 weeks later and to have a domain which is not even indexed? That is not a good sign.

SERP improvement? Not at all! Its not like I was in a hard niche, I was just sitting chilling out on page 5 in a 2200 searches month and I mean, even 10 links from my own blognetwork would move big time, but as I'm trying to keep my blognetwork for my "good" sites I decided to outsource some of the linkbuilding. I mean... No SERP improvement is also a pretty bad sign. I mean maybe I see SERP improvement when all the blogposts actually gets indexed.. The question is: WILL THEY?

Ofc I can't know if OP have better domains and he gave me all the domains in the trashcan, but I doubt it really... A few days ago other guy also stated he got 90% PR2 domains.

OP refused to give a refund. Still thinking about going for a chargeback.

Disclaimer: This review is 100% subjective and not objetive at all.
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This seller should be banned from BHW immediately, his sales page is a complete lie! I purchased the largest package
150 posts for $250. And requested that the links be dripped out over 7 days. They were all posted within 24 hours on garbage sites.

Here is what I received:
1 PR4 backlink
8 PR3 Backlinks
135 PR2 backlinks
6 PR1 backlinks
Now go back to this posts sales page and compare the deliverables with what is promised. Who would pay for PR1 or PR2 backlinks? This is worse then a fiverr gig! The sites also have posts about sex, drugs, etc ... on them.

I want all of these posts removed immediately and my money refunded!

Do NOT purchase from this seller unless you are planning on doing negative SEO on your competitor!
Haven't heard anything about the status of my order yet, not report, no movement in the SERPs nothing.

You will receive a report within 24 hours if you have not already received it.

I apologize for not responding sooner.
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