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    See this online... hell, read it below...
    website post at:

    Posted on: April 18th, 2008 Bishop Anders reverse blackhat tactics for fun and profit

    (long azz quote... written by bishop anders of lousy software imo!)

    There is a story around this, so be prepared
    While I was at an event in Austin this past weekend, I called up a buddy of mine who is pretty close to the top of the food chain in the internet marketing industry, and since he lives very near Austin he agreed to come over to the hotel I was at and sit out on the patio with me and have a couple of drinks and ?talk shop? with me for a couple of hours.
    While we were talking, we ended up having a discussion that most marketers end up having often? Blackhat methods and tactics and how we are directly affected by it.
    Before I continue with this story, let me take a quick break to clarify something for you? There are two types of blackhat.
    1] Actual true blackhat, which is the art of exploiting weaknesses on the web and using them to generate traffic or income.
    2] Wannabe blackhat, which is actually newbie dufus/idiots who are actually just thiefs.
    Get it?? there is the real thing, and then there is the f-tards who just steal and proclaim themselves as blackhats.
    Ok, now back to my story?.
    None of us really concern ourselves with true blackhatters? They do their thing and really do not affect any of us in any way.
    We do however tend to get pretty fired up and aggravated over the dolts who steal our products. Most of us understand and accept that people are going to steal the things that we pour our hearts and souls into through our businesses.
    So anyway, as we were talking about this, I mentioned to him that I love those goof-balls because I feel that turn-about if fair play, and I grace them with the opportunity to pay me for their thievery .
    He of course nearly spewed his drink out of his nose when I told him what/how I turned things around and let those boneheads pay me.
    And although the ?drink-spewing-from-nose? aspect was certainly funny, it paled in comparison to how animated this guy got! I mean, this is a fellow who is very conservative and rarely shows any degree of blatant emotion.
    As I described what I do occasionally, and showed him the account I use to do it with so that he could see with his own eyes that I make several thousand dollars per month off of these guys, he started almost yelling at me ?Bishop - You gotta let me tell my list about this!?.
    His list is more centered around making money online, and my initial reaction was to say ?No Way!!!? .. lol!
    I wasn?t saying ?no? because I didn?t want to share, I was saying it because my initial thought was that if they find out how much money I make off of them every month, they will stop falling for it.
    And then I realized that it?s just not going to happen. They are thief?s and they will continue to steal no matter what? So, I told him ?ok, go for it?.
    So, now that I told him and he will be telling his list, I knew that I had to get this information to you first? after all, you are an Elite A-List member and I promised you that I would always give you the scoop first in all cases? so here it is::
    1.] This is not a tactic designed to be comfortable for everyone, and in fact, most people should never ever do this? I do it because they are ripping me off directly and I feel somewhat justified in my actions (this may just be self delusions).
    2.] This tactic can be used for basically any product being sold online (and highly promoted new product launches) could create crazy results because these guys are always on top of the new releases and are standing in line for someone to give it to them for free.
    3.] Here is the breakdown - but I am not going to give an ultra-detailed tutorial.
    1a.] Create yourself a new gmail account (it?s going to be a throw-away account) you?ll only use this for turning the tables on the scammers and getting them to pay you.
    1b.] Do a google search for blackhat forums and register at those forums using your new gmail account.
    1c.] Browse around the forums a bit and quickly find what new product people are advertising that they want to steal.
    2a.] Once you have chosen a product, go setup a free blog or free webhosting account.
    2b.] Now title the page as something along the lines of ?Thank You! Your purchase of ?Product-Name? was successful.
    2c.] Next, make the page look like a pretty standard thank-you page.
    2d.] Put an iframe into the page, no borders, no scrolling? don?t set the destination url yet.
    3a.] Go register (using your real information) as a publisher for a few cpa affiliate companies? some accept anyone, others want to check your site first? just do what you need to do to get accepted.
    3b.] Once accepted, look for cpa offers that pay on zip submit or email submit.
    3c.] choose the highest paying offer and copy/paste your affiliate url/id somewhere so that you can easily find it in a minute.
    4a.] Now go and put your affiliate id/url as the destination url into the iframe you created earlier on your fake thank-you page.
    4b.] Tweak your thankyou page so that the iframe contents flow smoothly into the thank-you page, and right above the iframe, in BIG BOLD LETTERS give the person instructions? for example, if you are using an email submit offer, then you?ll say something like ?Enter your email address into the form below and confirm your email and the ?product-name? will be delivered to your in-box.?
    5a.] Remember, they are trying to steal something, so they aren?t really going to think twice about entering the required information in order to receive the product for free.
    5b.] You are going to end up getting paid by the cpa company when they submit their data, and of course you aren?t going to be sending them any product.
    5c.] The end result is that they caused you to get paid because they wanted to steal someone else?s product.
    NOTE:: The payout on those types of cpa offers are very low (a few cents up to about $3 on average).
    The payout is so low because the company paying for the email regs are fully aware that people are pulling every tactic under the sun in order to make that little payout, and their own goal is to build beyond massive email lists, so it all works out ok for everyone (excpet the guy trying to steal the product in the first place.
    I have also noticed some odd but expected behavior from the would-be thiefs?
    After a few minutes, when they do not receive the product they were trying to steal, they will go back to your form and (often using proxies so that they can re-submit) they will make a few attempts using fake email addresses, until their greed finally gets the best of them and they eventually enter their real email address? BINGO!!!? the cpa company just reached their objective, and even though the same guy ended up getting you paid several times while he was trying to make his theft successful, the overall amount is still within the acceptable guidelines set by the company who is basically buying a huge email list.
    So, the would-be-stealer does not get what he wants, but you end up with a minimum of a few cents with a maximum of a few dollars per theft attempt, and the company collecting the emails eventually got his real email address and still ultimately paid less for it than by buying leads the conventional way.
    There is a question of ethics on this? Are you lowering yourself to the stealers level by tricking him into putting money into your hands?? Or, is it ok since you and the email vender both get what you want, and the stealer deserves nothing anyway?
    What makes this such a huge money-maker is that those wanna-be stealers (think - worlds dumbest criminals) will spread your ?faked? thankyou page in all sorts of other places, and there are thousands and thousands and thousands of these people trying to steal hot new products at absolutely all times.
    So be prepared.. if you get this right, you can blast several thousand dollars into your account over the course of just a few days, and can pretty much do it any time you want.
    Another thing to realize is that now that I have made this public, it wont be long until the dolts are on to us and will start looking for tell-tale signs of the ?sucker-punch? we are delivering.
    So, if you decide to use this method, I suggest that you customize and tweak your approach so that it is unique, so that you can sit there and bank large off of their greed for years to come.
    That?s it - have a great day!
    Added thought? I have never done this, but it occurred to me while I was writing, so I?ll add it?

    You could actually capture their email yourself along the process, and send them a zip file with install instructions? only, within the zip file is one of those ?pay-per-install? programs that you simply renamed the exe on to the same name of the product they are trying to steal?. now, not only have you made a profit from them on the cpa side, you also make a little more on the pay-per-install side.

    Again? I have never done this? it was just a thought.

    (end of quote... long quote... this fully written by bishop anders of lousy software imo!)
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    Nice info .. but I think you are lucky that the Affiliate network you are using hasn't banned you.

    I have used this method quite a few times but the problem with this method is that the actual conversion for the merchant (of how many leads yield money) was almost always 0.

    This is certain to raise red flags.
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    Yeah, someone else posted this the other day and I immediately called shenanigans on it. Just doesn't add up or work.

    What you would have was a bunch of leads that don't convert and a bunch of leads coming from proxies. Ummm, in all likelihood that is going to raise some red flags and get the ban hammer dropped on you petty quick.

    Let me ask you this, if someone posted a link here to a download page where you had to enter an email to get a product and people went there, filled in the form and didn't get the product, don't you think someone, everyone would let everyone else know?

    this is just more fake-it-til-you-make-it stuff from some "guru" who wants to sound smart to all his subscribers.

    All I get from this post is that this guy has never made a dime with CPA offers because he doesn't seem to have an f-ing clue as to how they work. Lot of "guru's" jumping on the CPA bandwagon lately cuz it seems to be a hot topic.
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    "You could actually capture their email yourself along the process, and send them a zip file with install instructions... only, within the zip file is one of those ‘pay-per-install' programs that you simply renamed the exe on to the same name of the product they are trying to steal.... now, not only have you made a profit from them on the cpa side, you also make a little more on the pay-per-install side.

    Or if they have a really hot grandmother and they posted her picture up on your blog for you to see, and you know they are going out that night and she will be in alone you could disguise yourself as her deceased husband and if you get some clothes from the era in which they used to date, bring her some cheap-ass, flowers and if you have a foot fetish you can lick in between her toes and everything.

    Again... I have never done this... it was just a thought."

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    To create income streams
    In a 6 by 3 plot
    Home Page:
    There is a thread here with a link to that article, I think worldly panther posted it.
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    I know this thread is old......but I am trying to get rid of the "vista Message" deposited by Bishop Anders and his BS marketersos softwares.

    I have searched this board til my eyes are crossing and still no answer.
    Does anyone know a step by step way to eliminate those horrid yellow messages from coming up from Anders on my computer.