Be my Clickbank mentor, and I'll be your worker

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    Hi everyone here at BHW.

    I'm an 18 years old IM'er from Sweden who is looking to get into Clickbank, and I'm therefore looking for some guidance on good ways to generate sales.

    I have three years experience of SEO and IM in general, probably earned over $40 000 online during these years.

    However, I've never tried out CB. And I think that it's about time that I start working with this rumored program.

    Looking for someone who is experienced in Clickbank, that can teach me how to get started.

    Your cut will be 50% for your help, sent every month to your Paypal account.

    Stats will be declared to you monthly also.

    Got access to an VPS with tools like SENuke, Scrapebox, etc.

    I'm available at Skype, so hit me up:


    Alexander S from Sweden