be careful when making a ghost of your pc

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    Aug 22, 2010
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    I've been surprised using Acronis true image these last days, and i think it is the same with other ghost tools like norton ghost , etc..

    So, I bought a laptop with integrated xp, which means it has a licence number.
    Then I made a ghost of my pc on a usb key, and decided to use this ghost on another pc. BUT my surprise was when it was asking for the xp licence number on the other pc before using it !! I had to call a phone number to obtain a valid licence number and even with this my ghost did not work due to this licence issue (not valid number)

    Conclusion :

    - if you make a ghost of your pc, you'll only be able to use it on YOUR pc (so if it crashes... oups)
    - if you wanna make a 'universal' ghost which can be used on any pc, be assured that your OS is free of licence, or cracked.

    In my case I have to reinstall a cracked XP and all my tools and windows updates etc, to be sure that my ghost will be working on any pc.

    Hope it helps you not doing what i've done....