Bbecome a BILLIONAIRE from IM? Find OUT How! and Find OUT wHY!!

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    Saw an post that got me thinking

    Its worth my time and consideration. Reason you reading this now right? Dont leave this trend without commenting trust me it will change your life.

    The answer to your question is simple YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Business one on one, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reasons are stated below.

    Business is built on creating ?value? and letting as many people as possible aware of the ?value? you are offering or that they can make use of.
    The Facebook guy aka idea hackjacker is prove of this, for all of you who think his not into ?IM? think again. Google, yahoo etc they all into marketing .

    Wiki description - Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to, for the purpose of selling the product or service. It is a critical business function for attracting customers.

    Now THINK about the services they are providing??????????? or any billion dollar company that is internet based???or any Free platform that generates income from having people use its services.


    The gurus of IM are (my assumption) comfortable where they are and with the goals they set for themselves. If you want to make a billion on line then think outside the box, everything surely is possibly but it?s the probability that we base our judgements on, in the logical sense of the word, its always until someone?s beats the odds that we think it?s possible (or increases the probability). THINK the one mile a minute story, even scientist thought it was impossible and that the human body was?nt designed to run that fast until the ?idiot? that thought it was proved it and that I bet all those scientists changed there statements really fast, from fact to theory, RIGHT?. By the way how many times since has that record been broken and how long have people been running? THINK

    Possibility = Probability, think about this for a second, how possible is it that you will succeed when your odds are 1 ? 100,000,000????????????????

    Truth is it?s possible and its probable, prove it someone said. Ok than every major loto is my case study? Someone always wins eventually. I bet all the winners where thought of as fools prior to that.


    My point is a lot (a few depending on your point of view) of people in the world make a billion a year using information - see:

    Internet marketing is all about information the internet is based on data. THINK, before the world market there where billionaire traders according to the time and system, what they all had in comment information, how did they make that money through information, how, where, who, when it?s all data . Fast forward to the age in information even up to NOW, how much ?wealth? is in the world as a result of the how, where, who and when? What has created that???? I won?t even insult your smarts.

    My point been ? how much is a billion dollar idea worth? (THINK, to the guys who 1[SUP]st[/SUP] thought up the facebook notion a few mill , right?) how much would it cost to come up with a billion dollar and compile those skills and that gather that information? How much would it cost to implement it? And the most important question of all how long is a string.

    My theme been ? the world as we know it is based on information, people pay 10s of 1000s for education, training etc and to what end you may ask? For the value of it PERIOD.

    Value is defined as relative worth, merit, or importance in simple terms; and as you can see it encompasses the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our been as humans and as the saying goes one man?s treasure ??​
    Back to the point, when you ask Possible to become a BILLIONAIRE from only IM?

    The question which just happens to be the perfect answer is it depends on the context you asked it in.

    The reason? Simple yes is you are an innovative, imaginative, hardworking, focused, crazy genius, ?idiot, like a dog that would let go of its bone? or simply if your life depended on it.

    My point been ? you looking for someone to follow, some one that has already paved the way and done it before you that you can leech off. RIGHT OR WRONG?


    No disrespect I speak for all mankind when I say this. You asking the wrong question.

    Never ask your self is it possible to ???. ?.. ?.

    ASK HOW CAN I ??? ?. ?..

    Thank you very much you gave me a lot to think about, now I know that it is possible, if the motivation is strong enough, because no matter what the odds are some one eventually does, and that?s been proven in every market, every industry, every sport, every empire,
    My question for you is what is the evident of human history in its entirety against the few 100 years of the internet or a niche within it that?s been around for dog years??????????????

    Keep it all in context and THINK.

    Everything is in essence related. In time the skys where the heavens where the gods lived, in that same time line we humans flew to MARS, when was it ever impossible? When when did it become more and more probable????
    Thanks for taking the time to expand your mind am sure your life will change now, coz you will never look at the world the same again it will get better and better.

    If you FEEL me and understand show it and do something. Am open to PMs.

    Thanks D.Cox

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    Thanks for the info, I to wish to be a BILLIONAIRE from IM ' $|$ '
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    My billionaire dream is still out of my league. Though I'm doing my very best to earn dollars with IM.