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Batch Create Hundreds of Blogs

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by The Scarlet Pimp, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. The Scarlet Pimp

    The Scarlet Pimp Senior Member

    Apr 2, 2008
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    'Batch Create' Plugin

    Create hundred or thousands of blogs and users automatically by simply uploading a csv text file - subdomain and user creation automation has never been so easy.

    Have you ever felt the need to create hundreds or thousand of blogs and users all at once?

    Maybe you're setting up blog accounts for an entire University, or maybe you're creating a huge blog network on a heap of different topics or maybe you're just a sp.... [ed - don't say it!]

    Seriously though, there are many legitimate reasons behind spam and splogs to automate the creation of blogs and users - and this plugin servers precisely that purpose.

    Once installed you'll have the option of simply uploading a csv text file via Site Admin > Batch Create

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