Basic Questions About article Posting


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Oct 22, 2008
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There are many experienced members here who has a good knowledge about SOE, requesting answer to this noob's qustions.

1. There are 100s of article directories,lots of submitters which posts to these sites,people also posting there but how many of these are effective?

2. How many directories do you think posting is sufficient to get descent nos. of backlinks and PR.Please provide a list of them-if possible.

3. How many unique article posting can give a good nos.of backlink and PR? What your experience says?

4. There are lots of Auto/Semiauto ditectory submitter. What is most effective.

5. Does spinned article do any good?
6. What if a posted article caught as a duplicate?
7. What should be the frequecy/ no. of posting per week?

8. Any online article submitter for free of cost?

Friends and experienced seniors your answer is solicited.Any answer is appreciated.
Please Help.Thanks.
5 : spinned article ?? lol there are so many people spinning articles... dont worry.
6: If got caught..then just REMOVE that article.
wow, kind of a dp'ish kind of post.

This is blackhat world my friend, and Google could have answered ALL of those questions
But the heading of this section is " white hat seo ".
5. I have had no problems with spun articles that were at least 40% unique.
6. I have been using j3tsubmitter for my submissions, usually 20 subs per day. It costs $17 a month for unlimited posting to over 400 directories
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