Basic Linkbuilding practices for newbies:

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    There are a few basic principles behind building backlinks that makes them an effective seo strategy. Once you know these basic principles you can pick and choose from various backlink building services and software tools, to create a plan based on your available funds (money you're willing to spend).

    Sure you can spend an entire day building backlinks manually for "free" but in reality you can't compete with someone who is using an automated service or software. It's impossible as time will not allow it.

    A couple of guidelines to keep in mind that makes a good backlink "good".

    1. It's on a trusted website.
    You can tell if a website is trusted by it's page rank. The higher the PR of the page the link is on the more power will be passed through your link.

    2. It's around unique content.
    This is important because posting dupe content is not good practice. It's detected by google and the content will not be indexed, rendering your link pointless.

    You can either write your own unique content, or, if you're busy like me, use a service like content writing service which provide you with unique content on a daily basis. By utilizing any content writing service you're no longer required to come up with unique content to post alongside your backlinks.

    What makes for an effective SEO strategy. I like to say that a good backlink strategy has three things. There is quality, variety, and consistency.

    Quality is how good the backlink is. As I mentioned above, one from a higher PR page will be of better quality.

    Variety is from is the number of different IP addresses your links are comming from. Usually every website is under a different IP address. So having backlinks coming from many different websites is important.

    Consistency is exactly what it sounds like. You need to be consistent with the number of backlinks you build over time. Ideally you want to be building backlinks on a daily basis, but every couple days is fine as well, as long as you remain consistent.

    Tools you need to achieving quality, variety, and consistency. Of course there are many tools that do similar things so I'll just list the ones that work best for me.

    For quality backlinks you can use a software like SEnuke. SEnuke is great because all of the websites in the "social network" module are at least a PR3, and some go all the way up to PR9.

    For variety backlinks you should use a blog network like My Article Network (aka MAN). MAN submits your articles to many different websites, therefore achieving the type of variety you need.

    Do you really need a tool so you remain consistent? Alright here is an awesome alarm clock you can buy from amazon. It's got dual alarms so you can be consistent twice a day :eyebrows:. I don't personally own this alarm clock but judging from all of the positive reviews it's a great buy, and if you really need something to remain consistent this is it.

    A lot of tools collect their backlink information from yahoo site explorer. I think YSE is the most accurate tool for checking backlinks, but even "it" is not very accurate. Usually a page has twice the amount of links it shows.

    So rather than relying just on the amount of backlinks to judge the competition, it's much better to analyze their page as a whole.

    Some factors to consider are:
    • Page rank of the page
    • Number of backlinks
    • Is the page optimized for the keyword
    • Does the keyword appear in the title
    • Number of times the keyword appears on the page
    • Are there related keywords on the page

    If your website is better optimized for the keyword, a lot of the time you can beat out competitors with fewer backlinks.

    My goal here is that these basic principles help some of you, hopefully many of you, in understanding why building backlinks works when it comes to ranking your pages higher in the search engines.

    Have a great day.
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    I love it when people put newbie guides together and fill it with incorrect or misleading information. Please people, its not 2007 anymore, stop thinking about PageRank. Look at LSI, relevance, Trust rank and not toolbar pagerank.

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    So all the people fool who worried about page ranks?! Let me tell you LSI and relevance are important but PR also playing very vital role in SEO. There is no any misleading info here.