Basic gudie to bank from White hat niches.

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    This is my guide to make a successful website and make money from Black hat traffic and White hat niches,
    I'm not going into detail of how to make PVA's or any HQ coding or how to find niches in detail this is a guide for people who have experience, can make HQ posts, videos and make their traffic look natural to the big G whilst having traffic that doesn't need to worry about Google.

    Start-up 1:

    First of all we need our content, we find our content and do a keyword check for traffic.

    How to find niche and keywords?

    Use either your general knowledge and find a specific niche or a high comp niche. We are going White hat so ?How to? guides that you can capture with your computer screen are the best.

    Once you have an idea for a niche go to Youtube and find channels in your niches and use their keywords from their videos, if you find a decent video. which is a video that is made with a screen capture, copy the video into a text file. We are going to use these video as guides to make our own videos later on.

    Make sure you get the top 10 keywords closely related to your top keyword, this is great for diversity.

    Once you have a good amount of content with 30-40 keyword ideas we create a HQ post, a video and a guide to give-away.

    Over-view - what we have now is all the above.

    A great White hat niche we can generate loads of posts for.
    Videos to use as guides to make our own videos * as many as we can find in our niche.
    Top Keywords for 20-30 articles *10 keyword per article.
    All articles written, All videos made, All guides written.

    Start-up 2:

    We are going to pick a catchy name for our website, first things first, make sure it's available to buy and secondly make sure it's available to get the usernames of the website. On Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Vimeo. Make the social pages with HQ profile pics and cover photos and also fill in all of the descriptions.

    Get someone to create a HQ website don't be cheap, content, HQ layout and design are key to any website.

    Once the website is created we want to add two plug-ins a social counter this one is the cleanest and has all the website we need, and also a social locker we use these to lock our guides which you can lock with a PPD link = $$$

    Next we start uploading the content, 1 everyday with a HQ Youtube video, a guide if we can make one for the post we are making. Then we share our video and post to all of our social sites and use AMF to boost retweets, repins, likes and shares.

    We Drip feed 1,000 views a day with high retentions views to our video for 30 days getting us 30,000+ views per video, add 10 likes a day and drip feed comments. all view and comment services can be found on here.

    Rinse an repeat until 20-30 posts are done.

    Over-view: What we have now is a -

    Website with a great design.
    All our Plugins installed
    Our first 20-30 Posts made *With guides if need be.
    Our social media sites with posts boosted by AMF.
    Youtube videos boosted.

    Start-up 3:

    Building HQ backlinks using high PR and DA.
    Use the top 5 Web 2.0s and create HQ posts to point at your website and the related website post URL.
    Use the top 5 PDF sites and do the same.
    Use the top 5 Article directories and do the same.
    Use vimeo and dailymotion to target lower keywords related to your main keyword.

    Rinse and repeat for all posts.

    Over- view: your whole website should be pretty much set up, now you need to get a boost of traffic.

    Start-up 4:

    We are going to create HQ facebook accounts and add English speaking people using groups and going to pages and liking people posts in our niche.

    1. Upload 3-4 pictures and fill in all basic info
    2. Turn on follow button.
    3. Get 1,000 friends.
    4. Upload a pic a day once you hit 1,000 friends.
    5. Rinse until you hit 5,000 friends
    6. Go back to step 1.

    Keep doing this until you have 20+ accounts then we buy 5,000 fake likes, followers on all social sites.

    Lastly we send a page request and make a group about our site and add all our friends and pin your website or latest post to the group.

    Once we have done all that we like and share all our posts with our fake accounts aswell as boost other social site posts with AMF.

    Over- view:
    That?s all of your website done!

    What you do now is keep the quality up and make a post every day and follow all the steps to increase traffic.

    If you keep at this within a year you could end up with a HQ website gaining huge traffic with 300 posts, 100 videos and 100 guides.

    Making money:
    1.Youtube ads.
    2. adsense on your website.
    3. PPD
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