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Barter My Trading Skills for your FB/Google/Twitter/Bing Cloaked paid traffic skills.

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by briangraves, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. briangraves

    briangraves Newbie

    Aug 9, 2012
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    I trade Crude Oil and Gold , with a 95% success rate ONLY with these commodities (currencies are just too volatile). So to put it in perspective, a 10k account balance on my broker account, and the "safe" money management I incorporate, I would average around 2k net per weekday. All this with just a couple hours in the morning, and 1 hour at noon. So Ive been looking to run paid traffic and/or media buys in the meantime... in fact I have a bit of an obsession to run on Facebook and Adwords. Ive done the short term stuff and made some money until accounts got banned, but now Id like to start from the ground up and need to get the account farming dialed in. I do have access to Business debit cards, a programmer, virtual assistants (3 girls currently), capital, a cloaker (polerbacons), CPVlab... and quite a bit of time on hands to get it going.

    I know theres alot of content floating around, but Im looking for someone thats actually doing this day in and day out. We all know that most people wont spill all the beans, and frankly some guys have a small "team" doing it. I would love to get some insight on how to put my "team" of assitants to work, or join someone thats successfully doing on their own and looking to scale just the same.

    Heck , if yu have ANY other means of running media buys or paid traffic... Im all ears :)

    In return, we can work together and utilize eachothers resources and skills.. and/or I can start yu off with a trading account with the broker I use.. and have my assistant trade your account, just the way she does mine. Once the trust builds, and yu teach me how to fish.. I will teach yu how to fish with Crude and Gold ( took quite a bit of trial and error AND money, but Ive figured out a method..easiest money Ive ever made). PM me. or skype at: gofetije

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