Banned Adwords account - 11 years old account

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by dizen, Dec 29, 2011.

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    My adwords acct is 11 years old. During these 11 years I never created affiliate offer landing page.

    Yesterday I created 2 landing pages promoting affiliate offers and my account is got banned automatically without a single warning :(.

    Seems like there is no way to reinstate my adwords account.

    It doesn't matter, I can use a new computer, a VPS, new internet connection , use my wife cc for setting up a new account.

    My main issue is however, I had been promoting a small online store of mine via adwords. This online store don't contain affiliate landing pages at all, it is completely Google TOS compliant.

    Say, I am able to get a new adwords account, can I promote that online store of mine again? I am kinda afraid that the URL of my legit online store is blacklisted (because of association with my old adword account) thus I am afraid I will never promote my online store again via Adwords.

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    contact with google support, they will fix it.
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    First try to contact AdWords support maybe they can help you.
    There shouldn't be any problems with promoting a legit store with a new account. Just don't use promotion code because they will suspend your account again.
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    Contact their support and tell them you were so lam on using the affiliate links and bla bla. Also tell them about the 11 years old association.

    They'll reinstate it in a week's time with a warning.

    If they don't and you plan up for new account, don't promote the same url. Get a new domain and 301 your current site to that one, so that you don't lose your existing customers. Also, a new design would be better if you were looking to go with a new domain and a new account.
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    Don't email.Call them and let them know about your situation.It will work.

    Got it from a post by proweb.I'm not allowed to past urls so I'll paste his comment
    1) Do not reply back to the email you were sent saying your account was banned. This is from their outsourced tech support who do not help you at all. Plus, all Google employees can and will leave notes in your account that all other employees read so if you do contact them via email they will leave a note telling other employees not to contact you back.

    2) Use Google's online chat or call them at 1-866-2-Google. You will get a live rep in the USA and it will be much easier to explain what happened.
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