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Banking by Blogging with CPA Offer Products Method (email/zip submits, trial offers, +++)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by BearyManaLow, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. BearyManaLow

    BearyManaLow Power Member

    Nov 22, 2008
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    I've decided to let out my method about banking on CPA offers with blogging since I've already told a few people about it. This is really easy to do but has the potential to make you some good money when paired up with an auto blog (hint: auto-add the message at the end of every comment) and twisted to your own style. This focuses on the skill of hooking your reader and giving them a higher chance of completing your offer after. I've used this with a few other methods combined and it's performed exceptionally well. This is white hat so your CPA network won't complain even if you make a good deal of money. Here's what you're going to do (skin and bones, but you get the gist of it):

    1. Grab a domain name and pick a niche (gaming, phones, weight-loss offers, etc.)

    2. Install WP (recommended) or your favorite blog software.

    3. Customize your blog around the theme of your niche to make it look more realistic and believable because that's what we're aiming for.

    4. If you're doing PS3s then choose a free email/zip submit that rewards a "Free" PS3. You're not going to outright ask them to go to the offer and register or whatever. First, you're going to get information about the PS3 that would give them more information about the system and mesmerize them. You want them to crave for it bad so that they'd try to get it any way they can...even if they don't have money (which helps you even more.) After you're done giving out all the pros and details about the PS3, you're going to want to say something like, "Want a shot at obtaining a PS3 yourself? Go here and enter!" For example:

    ^Of course it's not going to actually look like that. I just copied and pasted a post about the PS3 being the "best" console out there. Make it sound civilized and educated and that the offer could actually be legitimate.

    From my experience, this has raised the conversion levels pretty high up and they're more willing to complete your offer after reading and wanting the product itself. You can choose any item you want. It doesn't have to be a PS3. The better you make your product sound, the better the conversions will be. If you spread many different products across different blogs that get unique views often, it'll be killer for your income.

    It's the hook and bait technique of blogging. People expect only Adsense is supposed to earn them a great deal of income when they hear about auto blogs. That may get you a dollar or so a day...but using CPA offers will boost it up to $50-100+ a day depending on how well you word your articles and offer and how much traffic you get, which is why I'd recommend spreading it across tons of blogs to reach a wider amount of people. For best results, change your product up for every couple of blogs you use. From now on I'm moving on to bigger and better methods so I'm leaving this for you all who are still dealing with blogs. Good luck and earn some $$,$$$ this month!
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