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Baidu Signup Help

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ABSTX, May 7, 2015.

  1. ABSTX

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    May 7, 2015
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    Baidu Signup Help

    Dear Forum-

    I am attempting to sign up for Baidu Webmaster Tools at the following address:

    [Please Google this- I cant post URLs yet]

    ....and after filling out my email address [I tried both a gmail account and a domain based account], password with numbers, letters and caps, entering the captcha code and accepting the terms of use, I select the 'Submit' button and have no results. I have tried the aforementioned on an Apple computor,a Windows computor and even used Android in an attempt to have a successful signup. The browsers I tried were the latest Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Android browser and Opera, and have the same results, no redirect to a success screen, nothing, just a reloaded page.

    Further, I solicited the help of a few friends who attempted signup from their own offices and they had the same problem. Lastly, against the possibility that I did actually sign up and the system failed to acknowledge my signup, I attempted to log on using the credential I entered in the form, the only result being an error page & prompt to start an account.

    Is there anyone that can shed some light on what might be going wrong? I suspect at this point that the problem may be with Baidu, being as I have tried to do all of this cross platform and in half a dozen browsers and 3 different ISPs. I thank any of you in advance that might help me tackle this, as I have a client that is determined to sell his products to a Chinese market.

    I await your reply, and thank you for reading my post-