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Baidu Reseller Opens US Office, Aims To Lower Barriers For US Advertisers

Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by AndyPR, Aug 26, 2013.

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    China?s dominant search engine, Baidu, offers huge potential for marketers seeking to connect with Chinese consumers. Yet, for US companies, there are several barriers to entry that haven?t made it worth the hassle ? for starters, all documentation is in Mandarin and ads and landing pages need to be written in Chinese to see any level of success.
    To further open up the Chinese search market to US companies, China Search International, a Baidu reseller that helps foreign companies advertise on the search engine, has set up shop in the US.

    With an online population of 564 million, China has more online users than the next top four online populations ? US, India, Japan and Brazil ? combined. The growth potential isn?t lost on marketers either. Just 42% of China?s population is online, compared to 79% of the US population. Baidu claims nearly 80% market penetration with 531 million regular users.

    China Search International (CSI) are helping navigate the complex process of getting up and running on Baidu. Advertisers pay CSI a 2.5 percent processing fee to cover banking and foreign exchange fees. The company can also assist clients in paying their Baidu advertising costs in US dollars, which has been just one of the hurdles for advertisers.
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    and how is it beneficial for bhw?