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    Merchant Services
    ^ That is how I feel right now!!!

    I would go onto another forum or some pointless place or maybe I should punch a wall but its a business "bvreoinveorinbevbj" (frustration) but why not my favorite place.

    Just wanted to say, if you are incompetent, do not communicate, and do not wish to learn outside the realm of what you know or are comfortable with do not ever do business with me.

    I am not blaming this on anyone here but my current situation where I am dealing with pro's, like at f'n Wells Fargo - who can't label my accounts right so my merchant services gets confused, boucnvre=wvrovrecwec l

    and than programmers! dont get me started about there delays "sorry for dropping the ball...tomorrow..."

    ugh! wtf! i said last friday needed to be done Sunday. I said 4 weeks ago this needed to be done asap. COME ON!

    yes. this is how i feel and i wasted your time but i feel better... 3 hours of making heads roll over the phone, now to go do it in person

    i am working with no one on bhw for this, these are all american employees and highly pro's. so bhw family, step your game up they are leaving the gap wide open for you to jump in


    perfect example of how even when you plan, you can never plan enough.

    work hard young ones, roll with mistakes, if this was the first time this happened to me (this specific problem is well is but larger money has been lost on other things) than i wouldn't be raving. this is just another one of those things you know will happen but hope will not
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    Shit happens. Go for a drink and try to discover what YOU did wrong on this process. Fix it and try again.