Bad Spamming For Lots of Traffic Method Perfect for Newbies 5000 Targeted Traffic a Day

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    I did this on one of my blogspot blogs a few years ago and I went back to it today and the traffic to it has been steadily growing for the pt 5 months and I haven't even looked at it since I did this method a couple of years ago and now it doing 750 hits a month with it still having no more content added or anything done to it.

    This is bad spamming but it's worked for me on all my blogs.

    All I did was find the best sounding stories out there like North Korea unveils surprisingly impressive rival to iPad
    I then copied and pasted that story and added some good looking pictures in to my blog and I did that 88 times.

    every time I finished a story i posted it on reddit, stumble upon and some other sites I've forgotten about, I kept getting the best stories and
    posting them again while at the same time adding more content.

    I did this non stop for 5 days when I got 5000 hits to my blog, I left it and it steadily dropped in traffic every month (never went below 120)
    up until 6 months where it has been steadily growing, it did 500 last month and it looks like it should do 750 this month.

    You do need to pander to the stumble upon and reddit audiences because they are the two main ones in this
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    Sweet! Thanks for the share!