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Bad for BANS?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by tattoo, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. tattoo

    tattoo Regular Member

    May 10, 2008
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    It's sort of interesting that they don't mention BANS here, but it seems like they want to cut out anybody that is getting credit for traffic that they would get anyway.
  2. richarab

    richarab Junior Member

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Seems to me that this is just another way for them to pay out less. It is being based of of the "google quality score" system. It is bad enough what ebay has done in regards to the sellers and paypal, not to mention the crap feedback system they have in place now. The sellers, and affiliates are getting the shaft. The only people who benefit are the established 10-20 super power sellers who are sleeping with ebay.

    Here is a Quote Directly from the BANS forum..

    "Sadly, I'm on the way down. When I started my sites in earnest back in April, I never would have thought my earnings would be so miserable now. I have seen the income go down and down since August, my best month of $460+ and now this last month with a dismal $110. dismal when you have over 40 sites as I do, and all the sites have original quality content, at least 7 to 15 articles each, and with many having original descriptions per category section, an average of 200+ words each, and backlinks, oh, yes, backlinks. I sunk over $4000 into getcustomers which was a big disappointment. I would have gotten the same results on my own, and the links I got many did not stay. Still I also worked on getting back links through original articles, I have hundreds of original articles, and the stats are dismal.

    I partly blame this on ebay itself, with the new terrible rules for selling that are killing what made ebay a good place to sell before, specifically the 21-day hold now happening to sellers on any sale over $100 by paypal/ebay. It happens to even 100% positive sellers who just sell infrequently, and it happened to me, and the worse is ebay does not warn this will occur. You will read plenty of angry sellers who have walked away from their selling on ebay due to this new thing. To expect a seller to ship an expensive item without getting access to the money, or even having assurance they can count on Paypal to give the money, is insane. I recently found out when I sold an expensive collectible, accepted paypal payment for it as I did before on other expensive items I have sold on ebay in the past with no problems, then got a message from paypal I had to ship my expensive collectible first, then hold my breath for 21 days to see if paypal would release the funds, or hope they would if I could provide proof of delivery or get a good customer feedback.

    First of all, I would never ship anything of value to anyone except my immediate family without having cleared funds. Second of all, paypal has a long history of being untrustworthy in releasing funds, and has been sued many times by sellers who have had their funds frozen, without cause, for months, and has lost in court many times and ordered to release the money, yet continues to pretend they are without blemish and their rules completely just and fair. So, being this is paypal, I would never trust them to keep to their promises to release money.

    Next, this new 21-day hold has completely destroyed the dropshipping industry on ebay, as dropshipping works only when one can use the customer's money to pay for the dropshipping. eBay's 21-day freeze requires the seller pay out of his/her pocket for the item, and foot all the shipping, and hope that paypal will release their money 3 plus weeks later, and on top of that, hope that the buyer will not take advantage of ebays ruling to get their money back and get a product for free. Dropshipping used to be big on ebay, but if you look around, you will see those products just gone in great numbers, except the occasional super powerseller who is immune from those rules. (p.s. I read it was the 200+ powersellers who helped form that 21-day hold, nice convenient way to nix out all of the competition below them, by ruining their ability to turn cash).

    And now all the individuals who routinely would clean out their garages to make extra fast money, no longer can count on that as any sales they make will have their cash frozen for 3 weeks plus, while they have to borrow money to ship out the items, hoping to get their funds a month later; and many people are now posting they are turning to craigslist instead to sell their items where they don't have to pay fees, and they can get payment for their items up front. I ran across a couple of musical instrument boards with posts from people who previously had used ebay to sell their expensive instruments, but who no longer will use ebay because they refuse to ship out their mandolins or whatever without payment and have to wait the hold period for their money, and the tone is the same, to go elsewhere than ebay, like craigslist and another ebay like auction place that doesn't have that problem.

    In other words, selling now stinks on ebay except for powersellers, or those with merchant accounts (I have one, and that is how I was able to ship my collectible, by refunding paypal and charging my bidder's card; otherwise, I would have refused the sale).

    Then there is the economy, but mostly I believe ebay is just killing the things that made ebay great, the quirky famous sales of the bizarre and unusual at high prices; well those can't happen anymore with the ship-immediately-and-have-a-21-day-hold-on-your-cash-and-maybe-longer, and then epn and it's lousy tracking that is extremely unreliable. I am seriously thinking if there are other ways I can make money with my same bans sites, without ebay.

    There doesn't seem to be a reliable future with epn, both from a hostile selling environment ebay has created, and epn's rotten tracking; plus, it seems to me that those who complain too much on epn's forum, just disappear, their seller accounts turn into "no longer registered members", and epn is also not accepting a lot of new applications.

    I hardly expected after the hard work I have done, and all of the original content and back links I have been working on to have such dismal earnings at this point, but I can see why, having experienced how seller-unfriendly ebay is turning the selling experience into for all but the powersellers, and the questionable increasing number of flatlines showing in my campaign reports since epn's recent "improvements".

    This is the message paypal sent me when they got my bidder's payment:

    "You've received a payment, detailed below. We've placed a temporary hold on the funds for this transaction.

    PayPal and eBay are working together to make payments for eBay items even safer. Because we want both buyers and sellers to feel confident about sending and receiving payments through PayPal, we may temporarily hold payments for items sold on eBay.

    Make sure to ship the item right away, so you'll have access to the funds sooner. We'll release the hold in 21 days unless you receive a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal on the transaction subject to the hold. We may release the hold earlier if either of the following occurs:

    The buyer leaves you positive feedback on eBay.
    We confirm that the item was delivered.* We can confirm delivery if you ship the item with USPS, FedEx, or UPS and either use PayPal shipping labels or upload tracking information from the transaction details page. This applies to transactions within the United States.

    Additional hold period

    If you receive a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal on the transaction subject to the hold, we may hold the payment until the problem is resolved.

    Learn more about the PayPal policy for payment holds for eBay items.

    We will notify you by email when the funds are released. You can monitor the status of the hold in your Transaction History.

    * This applies to US domestic transactions that are shipped by USPS, FedEx, or UPS and either (i) use PayPal shipping labels to ship items or (ii) provide tracking information to PayPal."

    This is the URL: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?c...yments-outside

    In my case, I have a paypal business account since 2001, sold a lot, but only sold infrequently on ebay, as I just sell every now and then, like a lot of folks, but I have sold $2000+ dollar item before no problems, but that doesn't count now. You have to sell 20 or more items per year to not, perhaps, have this automatic hold put on you, if you have a 100% positive feedback and are an old member. That's what this part of the no-hold criteria means: Your have received 20 or more DSRs in the last 12-months, that you have sold 20 or more in the last 12 months.

    In other words, ebay makes it impossible, as I have read even from some powersellers that if their feedback is not 100% their sales are not getting counted as dsrs and they, too, are having that hold on their money. To sum it up, selling through ebay is now very unattractive. I can't imagine any department store agreeing to ship out items to internet customers at the store's expense, and agreeing to see if after 21 days they will get payment from paypal.

    But the most important bottom line is paypal's longstanding lousy reputation for being untrustworthy with releasing frozen funds. As you can guess, I also read online of some sellers crying for help that they did submit proof of shipping to paypal, and STILL their funds have not been released, and paypal is not replying to their emails and support, and, well, paypal, just being paypal.

    That is what makes this 21-day hold such a nightmare, and that is why I believe is a big part of why my sales have dropped and keep dropping down as seller after seller is getting hit with this hold and curtailing all the future items they may have had in mind to sell on ebay---that, and that epn tracking is a big, unfunny, joke."